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2021 Lamborghini Huracan EVO

Lambo SnoW Camo

To put it bluntly, we redefined the camo wrap.  This isn't meant to hide anything but your modesty.  This isn't your grand-dad's camouflage; it is a statement to say "look at me."  Any exotic car wrap can look good, but a camouflage wrap on a 2021 Lamborghini Huracan is something extraordinary.  

We used a blend of advanced films from 3M 2080 Wrap Film and Avery Dennison SW900 wrap films.  The base color on this is Avery Dennison Satin White wrap (and the other colors are our little secret).  

Do you own a car you want wrapped in our exclusive camo?  Contact us to schedule it in!

lamborghini lambo wrap dallas near me
lamborghini lambo wrap dallas near me
lamborghini lambo wrap dallas near me

A camo story

Camouflage has been around for centuries.  Philostratus (c. 172–250 AD) wrote in his Imagines that Mediterranean pirate ships could be painted blue-gray for concealment.  Vegetius (c. 360–400 AD) says that "Venetian blue" (sea green) was used in the Gallic Wars, when Julius Caesar sent his speculatoria navigia (reconnaissance boats) to gather intelligence along the coast of Britain; the ships were painted entirely in bluish-green wax, with sails, ropes and crew the same colour.

Militaries around the globe use camo to conceal their whereabouts from their respective enemies.  Here, we take no prisoners...

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